Voice and Singing Specialist


Jedd Bonstad-Clark is a voice and singing specialist, a vocal teacher who works across all singing styles, and vocal/speech development/improvement.  If your wish is to be heard, and understood, and believed, whether an actor or a lawyer, a singer, a CEO or a teacher, you're in the right place; get in touch if you are interested in a session.  Workshops will appear on the calendar as they come up.

Working with:

  • Improving range and resonance in singing
  • overtone singing
  • Improving musicality in singing
  • Working with nerves and/or excitement in performance
  • How to use breath to allow the voice to flow
  • Diction and articulatory articualtion
  • Breath for voice
  • Physicality of improved voicing
  • Accent development
  • Theatre-ready voice
  • Film actors' voice toolkit
  • Voiceover specific voice work